A New Creation

A Modern Creation

This is a shortened version of alternative ways of looking at some of the bible stories many of us know and love. Others as featured in my book,
‘A New Creation’
available on Lulu.com and also Amazon.

The afternoon sun dappled itself through broad leaves against the rich olive coloured skin stretched to cover the soft contours rolling seamlessly into each other to create an exercised, beautiful, but naked body. Adam expanded his ample chest with a deep breath, leant back against the tree trunk, breathed slowly out again, and relaxed. The sweat that glistened on his skin was mixed with honest dust which he wiped from his palms onto the grass before pulling off a small handful of soft ripe berries drooping from a nearby cane. He would often rest like this when it got too hot in the day or when he just felt the need to appreciate the beauty of the garden he worked in.

Having always been alone in his earth-born world, he had nothing to hide his nakedness away from and, as if to demonstrate that it didn’t bother anyone else, a butterfly landed on his stomach and picked delicately at the drying salt crystals. Smiling to himself, he gently wiped at the river-let of moisture that ran down the crease in his muscular chest and the defined ridges below it before it reached the fragile creature.

With plenty to do still, his reverie couldn’t last too long and he eventually returned to finish the jobs he had set himself for that day. When done, sleep called him alluringly to its comforting bosom and so, to bed.

Once deep inside this virtual world, he became aware of a growing disturbance. He had the vague impression that somehow his virility, his masculinity, the very essence of his gender was being examined. He felt so disturbed, violated even, he tried to bring himself back but the attempt was swiftly overtaken as, in his head at least, he found himself crying out at a sharp pain that stabbed into his chest. It was over in a millisecond, and forgotten.

Another unprecedented feeling assaulted his senses, panic. He felt himself falling helplessly and threw his arms out to try and save himself although he couldn’t comprehend from what. One of his flailing limbs hit something in its path but it was not the bed that he might have expected. It was firm and compliant as his mattress would have been, but issued a grunt of complaint. He would have let out a cry himself but found his chest cavity frozen with fear. After what seemed to be too long, with lungs screaming inwardly, he took in a volume of vital air. Even then he was transfixed in silence.

As he stared wide eyed into the darkness, a normality slowly began to flow back into his taught, prone perfection. There it was again. More of a groan this time, not the animal utterance as before. Information spun round in his beleaguered brain. A rustle. A breath of air. A radiant heat from somewhere troubling close to him. A soft warm limb laid itself gently across his static chest.

His left ear twitched as it heard, “Good morning.”

© DP Rollason


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