Building for Brumijum

Writers Without Borders Film 2014

I wrote and performed this piece as part of the writers group,
Writers Without Borders contribution to the Birmingham Literature Festival 2014. If featured in a short film that we as a group were all rather proud of.

Bold, Brash, Beautiful Brumijum rising bright from cold concrete…
beleaguered for years by sightless planners past
now leading the world in tones from ‘cool fool to ‘tsssss’, hot and fast.

Taking on the world with its culture by mood and applause
for the tall and sleek, leading others with subtleties, soft and meek,
everywhere its buildings soar skyward but more, its people speak.

A population that pulses with multi-colour, multi-cultural verve,
brown, black, olive, build on pale brows to now almost pure gold,
where people blend and breath their own rich lives but still, each other, enfold.

From the top, middle and even from the struggling,
wide, reflecting, glinting views prompt the best to bring on better
and economies resolve to opportunities, full of hope, richer, cleaner.

Building success on successes each greater, fluid, solid,
crystal clear directions benefiting from wide eyed self correction,
Bold, Brash, Beautiful, Brumijum rich, raw, eclectic, a truly global microcosm.

® DPR August 2014


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