A Tale of Two Patios

I wrote this little amusement after being asked to redesign a patio belonging to a friend, although I didn’t do all the building work, I like to think that my creativity made it happen.

Tucked away at the back and a little to one side,
a small crumpled space for years has been forced to hide.
At its birth it was probably designed just to be,
a place of relaxation and Zen like harmony.

But did anyone think much, before it was done,
that it would never be able to capture much sun,
which is an important thing, surely, you would think,
as you finish the house work and empty the sink.

With your hard earned coffee and good book safe in hand,
you open the back door but stumble and stand,
again the obvious failing disappoints and once more alas,
heat and light is falling only on far distant patches of grass.

Scratch your head most bemused but in the end phone a friend,
who might scribble a sketch on some paper in order to mend
just another issue, improved by some out of box thought
you pass it on to a professional whose skills you have bought.

Winter’s grip gives way to rain but the hope of sunshine,
Springs near here but construction will be down to the line,
then the workman turns up on the first day, tools in hand,
and they soon make good progress with cement, bricks and sand.

First they dig out old planting that’s seen better days,
and in its place on leveled sand, riven slabs he carefully lays,
then tops off the new walls with decorative blue brick,
and the fine wide expanse is really quite slick.

Although basically still a small addition to the space,
the subtle shapely extension puts it in a completely new race,
room for a table and chairs that before wouldn’t fit,
now out in the open it really is pleasant place for you to sit.

Gone the clutter, all the bits and the bobs old and broken,
now with new pots complete with plants, a small birthday token,
plus some old favorites retrieved from the rubbish once outcast,
you can stand, lie or sit in spacious comfort, at last.

Tucked away at the back but not so quite at the side,
who ever told you it couldn’t be done quite obviously lied,
stretch out your legs and soak up all that soul reviving heat,
and with coffee in hand you survey work well done, job complete.Flower2


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