Clean out your life

Woke up one morning and decided that enough was enough and it was time for a new start with many things.

Clean out your life
Cut it like a knife
Slice back the peripheral
Gouge deep the most superfi-cial
Wash yourself clean with sacrifi-cial…
moods and then it’s done!

You’re clean

You’re bright

The mood is light

No concerns

Everyone learns…

That you’re not to be taken

For granted

Not now

Not! No! More!


2 thoughts on “Clean out your life

  1. Really enjoyed this, good tempo and ‘get up and go’ feel. What was the thought process behind separating ‘-cial’ from superficial and sacrificial in the first verse? It seemed to me like the cutting of the previous lines..


  2. Thanks Jake, it cerainly was a get off your arse type of day. The huphenation was deliberate as a written cutting off as you said, well spotted. In my head I was swinging the axe on the ‘fi-‘ part. Thanks again. David


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