Love songs ineffective

Another offering that was performed for Valentines Day this year but it fits for almost any time where love doesn’t seem to want to come knocking.

When music is promised to be the food of all meaningful love
it seems more of a minor key,
as with both light keyboard skill and a voice that has thrilled,
time beats a slow one one time in here, instead of the much needed three.

In a world awash with sonatina to suit every rich rounded serenade
perhaps it’s a case of having a tone deaf ear
that won’t allow you to hear one tremulous tune on life’s lyrical journey,
all fails to make a lover’s song ring clear.

The gentlest touch with accompanying tone, should be climbing fifths and
octaves to augmented vivace,
but the lack of sympathetic voices stops a crescendo rising high in joy,
and leaves you soto voce, tronco, agitate.

Play it loud, play it soft, sing it high, in a round, even run the risk
of warbling free, key-less glissando’s up round and down,
sharp treble voices mean no harm but they can’t stop a tear,
falling on a face written in B flat, sounding out its sadness, in a frown.

So now you write your own tunes, sung pianissimo safe inside your head
on an invisible five line stave,
held tight in your heart for one love lost note to re-tune,
to that syncopated five four beat and someone missing an augmented semibreve.

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