Life – Long

Pens of Erdington

Prose Poetry
“A literary work which exhibits poetic quality using emotional effects and heightened imagery but is written in prose instead of verse.”

Life, long idyllic days, large loving family where generations share the work in a busy home, vibrant gardens and fresh farm fields there it’s all home cooking, home making, endless baking of all that’s whole-sum which gives everything that a tender toddler needs. But crushed amid countless comings and goings, with people drifting in and out, everywhere and round about, amidst it all your constitution builds although some unseen introverted isolation blights, and so unfortunately, now perhaps marginally unstable and physically, rather stout.1960s-two-children-boy-girl-bowl-mixing-pouring-milk-in-kitchen

Being the last of three, cute enough to clamber up on almost any knee, but finding you’re more often wearing the hand me downs, you hide yourself out of view but without any kerfuffle, no one sees when you start to make progress and…

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