The Faith Militant

This is not my work but I was so moved by its powerful imagery I felt I had to share it to a wider auduence this morning. Well done Candice.

All through day and much of night
Flanks and mane, wet and steaming with exertion
Horses wild eyes rolling back in whiney
Pointed ears catch praying ravens cucolded in ramble
Her dress of tallow slung behind her
Trousered legs in leather
Brocaded by scars
Bare feet tattooed red coal
She is needed by everyone
Her very land straining to be closer to her unflinching fight
Clear barley fields with fire
Foxes, streaks of blood, scream premonition
Gather your children, they’ll
Show no mercy
Gutting girls on poles
Savage scarecrow
so we ride
To end your claim
Those you thrust open
Mending hymen by arrow
Blue face paint makes us demon
Vermilion hair
Yellow teeth bared

Black eyed warriors, low in saddle
Clipping tree lines like acrobats

She rides front, glorious
Silver on her head
Between her breasts
Her daughters flank her
Dark people of green isle
Speaking ancient
Clutching rabbit pelt and Dragon



Bloodied thighs

Riding to battle bare chested
Milk cold on breasts who harness children
Fight for those who come after us

Queen of Britain
Stepping out, tall sillouette
Against shadowed hill
Chalk and green man

Consonant Roman’s
Eerie barriage in closed rank
Purposed usurper
Open and flex

Somehow despite your metal
And masculine sputum
You stand unsure
Repulsed and fearful
Smelling menstral blood
The feathers of her
Rising in urgency

She left in her step
Legends of protection
We will not lie down
Give up freedom
Be raped without protest
We are descended
With Isini
Born with knife and

Witness our
She lives still
Migrating waters
Cliff and forest
War and peace
An English
First lesson

All poetry sole copyright of Candice Daquin. A Jar for the Jarring on sale through Amazon.

Source: The Faith Militant


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