Picture Dice Writing Exercise

At one of the writing groups I attend we recently tried this ‘game’ to exercise the creative mind.

Using a special set of dice with simplistic images on them, you roll three dice and so get three images, with just 15 minutes on the clock the on the spot writing exercise starts. At the end of this time a fourth image is thrown and that has to be added in 10 minutes to a continuation of the story. Interesting writing times, try it!

First pictures; Arrow, Thought Bubble, Abacus

The young school boy was doing more staring out of the window than concentrating on the papers in-front of him; the activity out on the field was far more interesting. The lesson was supposed to be mathematics which was one of his least favourites on the timetable; along with most of the other core academic subjects if the truth was known.

The teacher, an elderly Mr Smithers was extolling the virtues of ancient maths systems and attempting to make the most of an antique abacus that he had acquired on one of his many worldly trips. The fact that it was simple to use and yet could perform many complex calculations was not appreciated by the majority of the class; you could almost visualise the various thought bubbles floating above at least 2/3 rds of the room.

James was far more interested in the practical activity outside. Being a private educational facility they were blessed with may additional opportunities, his focus now was on archery. It wasn’t an arrow that caught him on the temple but a balled up piece of paper and it momentarily focused him back into the room; just about anyway.

(add the last dice picture)

The screams of horror from outside had the whole class at the windows in seconds and Mr Smithers knew that he had lost control and joined them. The sight was less than attractive.

The sports group were circled in a huddle near to the large targets, obviously and verbally distressed. The head of the games department strode across the ground and they parted like the Red Sea to let him through. A group intake of breath swept through the classroom at the revelation of the blood soaked body of a rotund sheep prostrate with arrow protruding. A farmer was busily attempting to retrieve the remain of the errant flock and get them back though the breached boundary hedge.

Last picture: Sheep



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