The Patient

An unfortunate incident but we got through it.

Busy hospital
Bustles about you,
Beds full of patients,
Books full of notes

Curtains pulled round,
Clothes swapped for gowns, thin,
Cups of cool tea,
Crusts curl on plate

Waiting, then wandering,
Watching all, sitting cool,
White coats flutter
Willing students lean in and peer

“This ones a poser?”
The consultant, questions
“Tell me young medic, what
The prognosis might be?”

“It presents with a lump sir,
It could be,” he pauses,
“It might be,” notes rustle,
“It’s definitely a…. hmmm”

You listen all eager but
Young faces they’re frowning,
You’re not really certain,
Your nerves begin to crown

Patience is expended,
Pan-faced professor is grim,
“Pull together you students,
Please, what is this in him?”

You look round, still blank faces,
You must seem very tense,
“You’ll be fine” says the sister,
“You just sit still,” she grins

“Well I’ll tell you them shall I”
Words of wisdom they flow
“We’ll cut him just here, yes,
What size?” but they don’t really know

In confusion you stop listening,
It’s their job, you just lie there,
In the end you’ll be better,
Into their hands, you just relax

Darkness envelops,
Dreams devour you,
Dull pain now, there,
Down below

But by doctors orders
Bed baths over
Bag of pills and
Back home you go.

Morning shines new,
Miss the food, no,
Miss the appendage?
Maybe a little,
May-be so.



2 thoughts on “The Patient

  1. Wow, I love this! Details perfectly the experience of being in the setting of a teaching hospital. For me it even brings back memories of when I was a medical student. Nicely written…thanks for sharing! 🙂 -phoebe


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