_Am I dead or alive?

This piece moved me to tears, I am not ashamed to say. Read it and share it and savour every single syllable!


Am I dead or alive?

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


A old poem found. Written 1987.


                             Am I dead or alive?

Describe emotion.
Describe love.
Describe pain.

For every beautiful moment.
Must there be pain also?

For every gift of tenderness and love.
Must we repay it by hate and abuse?

Today my life is even.
All things in balance.

I know the sun will shine again.
The stars will appear in the evening sky.

What is life?
Are we here for any purpose?

Each life does it have any meaning?
Are we just cattle waiting to be slaughtered?

I wonder if being kind, honest is it worthwhile?
Sometime I feel the world is for the strong.

I hope the men and woman of peace are still somewhere.
I rarely hear their voices talking of peace and great dreams.

Where are the storytellers? Where are the lovers of peace…

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4 thoughts on “_Am I dead or alive?

  1. Thank you for that, I am struggling to write things to put up here, I’m working on things for other people and some things that are a little too, let’s call them ‘specialist’ for general release. BUT I will get back very soon. It’s nice to be missed!


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