An experiment in creation….

This is an experimental story-line, just to see if it has the motivation to live……


The dust in the moon’s developing atmosphere gave a rather misty view of the small blue marble that had been emblem of the colony all those decades before; before the settlement and terraforming process had really got hold. The process and any kind of atmosphere had only become a reality of the last 100 years but the introduction of the recognisable organics in the last twenty.

The polymer skinned tunnels and habitats that the early settlements had used were long gone, not that very many knew about them or would recognise them as they had been constructed on the edge of the dark side of the moon and out of prying eyes from the intelligentsia down on Planet 001. It had been part of just one of many plans for escaping the dying planet. First there had been the orbiting space stations that developed into launch platforms to get things to the moon to make a launch pad for Mars more viable. Before that could work well, technology made a few of its unexpected leaps and the Mars colony was attainable without this relatively short hop. Once started, the seemingly abandoned system continued to develop and with the many distractions in the chaos of failing humanity and competing artificial intelligences, it had been enough then and was more than adequate now to disguise the ambitious plans.

The original higher organics were also long gone but they had served their purpose. Fortunately, most of the recognisable fauna and flora had endured on this mainly grey, dusty, pox marked rock.

A heavily built creature lifted its head, distracted from picking off the tiny green tips of struggling vegetation to watch the colourful earth rise. Although it had never been there, something deep in its gene structure must have held onto something that the AIs’ had never been able to replicate. Oh yes they were superior in almost every other way but the core, now self-generating algorithms had never been able to find that one thing that made other life different.  The interruption of this nondescript organic meant that it had also stopped breathing, just long enough to suffer from the lack of any substantive gas mixture and it wavered on its large flat feet before instinctively turning towards where it knew there was more to be found. The other similar creatures hardly lifted their low heads but waved short trunks as their compatriot re-joined them. It was greener around there but still predominately lifeless.

The thin and still developing atmosphere had begun by installing the simple oxygen engines above the moon’s polar caps and drilling down into the ancient ice and other chemical reserves stored deep under the surface. It had been the great plan that humans would step to the stars but it was their self-destructive nature that had ruined any chance of that happening. In-fighting between political, social and monetary systems meant that it would never get off the ground, literally. Despite there being many rocket launches, the greed of man ensured the sabotage and destruction that typified humanity at the late stage in its short existence, the plans only became viable when a simpler but arguably more intelligent race took over from the failing organic madness. The plans had always feasible, it was other elements that doomed them to failure, now, with those out-of-the-way, a few of the more developed AI systems continued the process and were covertly witnessing its success.

Paradoxically, the latest operators of the experiment had of course no need for such an environment, each was self-sustaining and independent in almost every earth-bound environment. At that point they had constructed themselves to require nothing more than the core programmes of their individual or collective roles; until this point.