The Spirit of O

This poem woke me up one morning and needed to be written down. It is just part a step forward in personal growth that I have been studying. It features what seems to be my spirit animal, can you work out which that is?

Moon bright eyes that
hold the wisdom of the ages
from the bottomless depth
of countless generations
passed on by means unseen
to watch and protect and heal
those that pass through its scope
of super visionary care

Sitting patiently through the twilight hours with
20-20, 360°, 1000 generation, universal understanding,
the least ripple or disturbance prompts
the silent swoop of evolutionary wings
that bring knife like talons to
pluck out with surgical precision
the scurrying destructive verminous pains
of some disordered life, one piece at a time

Disorder is not taken completely,
a reminder is left parcelled up in a pellet
just the bare bones of the problem
as a warning to think on for the future,
so breath and dream higher
absorb the constellation of those Moon bright eyes
that hold the wisdom of the ages
this is, the spirit of O

© David Rollason
April 2017