Why would a lover leave – a second time?

This is a sequel to – Why would a lover leave? You might like to read that one first HERE.

Hope had been so far out of view
that when your lover returned was it you
that need to pinch yourself of was it fate
that was twisting the knife as you stood craving at the gate

Was he for real
was he here to steal
your heart once more
or punch through to your core
and leave you rolling
clasped to a pillow enfolding
waiting for the pain to leave
as you silently sob and heave

But the touch of familiar warmth bodes well
and forgiveness flows from you from your invisible hell
as you stave off the urge to slap that perfect face
knowing it would only prematurely end the race
that you strive to win only by coming second
your eyes lock into his beauty and he is silently beckoned
into your arms where you hold him roughly
and scold him gruffly
only the words are of love and passion and empty vessels being once more filled
if you let any of these feeling out what fragile love you hope for would surly be killed

So with kettle boiling
and hidden tears scalding
you smile and attempt not to over-power
knowing that this could last for-ever or just a faction of an hour
he gives nothing away
but at least for now he will stay
for a heated roll in some metaphorical hay

But you can live with that
in the one bedroom flat
that is for now at least
a cornucopian out-flowing lovers feast

All to soon the morning is finally at its break
and cruel fate once more attempts to take
but some certainty this time lingers on
and he doesn’t slip through your fingers to be gone
but back he slides into the crook of your arm
and for now at least all in this emotional bubble is calm.

Why would a lover leave?


The Task

99 more little words that also helped to avoid ‘the task’.

The washing machine was working annoyingly in the background; the first load of dry things had been fetched in and waited neatly, to be put away. There was something that he needed to do but motivation was hard to dig up, the task was quite a big one admittedly but it was on the list and so had to be done; the list was the ever present imperative. There were few things left on the list for today. It was getting more challenging to avoid it.

The phone rang.

“I was wondering if you had time to…..”

Saved again.

The Task

Why would a lover leave?

Just a thought I had this morning.

The emotion of close, touching flesh,
heat exchanged through moist breath
Why would a lover leave?
From your arms they reluctantly heave
Despite attentions where you tease and smear
duty calls.

Far outside these comfortable walls
Waitrose creed is soon spent
M&S food halls have catered
How can penetration compete?

Alone now, the passions of copulation retreat
and you lay curled in the half-filled bed
running the events back excitedly in your head
and reluctantly you react again,
will your true desire be fully fed?

Despite what you think,
reality joins you at the sink knowing,
They’ll be back.lover