Being a Creative Writer

What makes you a creative writer?
If you can think, write, speak or record your thoughts, you are a creative writer.

I started to write in more a focused way only a few years ago, prompted to write a memoire I found that expressing what was in my head came to be such a release of so many pent-up emotions it was one of the most personally freeing things that I have ever done.My work is often personal for which I offer no apology, but if can write just one line that touches something inside someone else, then I count that as a success. I hope that you might find that line but enjoy the search and hopefully the work as much as I do producing it.

2 thoughts on “Being a Creative Writer

  1. Hi David

    I have written a comic bit of nonsence for Mike’s Wheelie Bin Competition but I think I may have missed the dealine?

    If I have missed it can you please email Mike’s address to me so I can send it to him by post. I so love the idea of these little Pens Competitions.

    Yours sincerely with Love

    Lynne Diane Holland X!


  2. Hi David! Long time no see! I haven’t heard from you in a while and wanted to check in and see how you have been doing. I’m not sure if you still blog here? I’m having a hard time tracking down your latest work. I hope to hear from you!


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